Boston City Council Meeting - March 8th, 2017

All of the City Councilors wore red today in support of International Women’s Day!

We began this week’s meeting by honoring Officer Matt Morris for his service with the Boston Police Department and his commitment to the City of Boston. Officer Morris was one of the police officers who were seriously injured during a shootout with a suspect in East Boston last October.

Boston Patrolmen’s Association Agreement: We voted on and unanimously passed an order approving a supplemental appropriation of $7,746,300 to cover the FY17 cost items contained within the collective bargaining agreements between the City of Boston and the Boston Patrolmen’s Association.

Affirmation of Sanctuary Schools in the Boston Public School System: We voted on and unanimously passed a resolution to affirm sanctuary schools in the Boston Public School system. We must reaffirm our responsibility to protect those most vulnerable due to recent executive orders coming out of Washington D.C. and to protect the right to education for all people in Boston. The youth of Boston are our future and they, along with the rest of their families, should absolutely not have to live in fear in our city. We must take a stand so that all children in Boston know that we are here to protect them and that their ability to attend school will continue to not be impacted by their immigration status.

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses: Councilor Pressley filed an order approving a petition for a special law regarding an act authorizing additional licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises of Boston. The City of Boston needs to make more licenses available because it is difficult for many restaurants to succeed without the ability to sell beer and wine. I am concerned about restaurants in District 1 being left out and I am looking forward to having future conversations with my fellow Councilors about this issue to prevent that from happening. I have signed on in support of this order.