Boston City Council Meeting - February 8th, 2017

Boston Police Cadet Program: Councilors Linehan and Campbell filed a hearing order to review the Boston Police Cadet Program. The city is making an effort to recruit young and diverse classes of future BPD officers and it is necessary that we receive an update on the cadet program so that we can see how successful this effort has been and if any adjustments need to be made. I have signed on in support of this order.

Immigrant Defense Fund: Councilor Jackson filed a hearing order to create an immigrant defense fund pilot program. The fund would help documented and undocumented immigrants with legal defense, which is imperative as immigrants are able to win cases at a much higher rate when they have access to a lawyer. Our city is made richer by the presence of immigrants and the diverse backgrounds that they represent and we must ensure that we keep all Boston residents safe, regardless of immigration status. I have signed on in support of this order.

Special Committee on Civil Rights: We voted on and unanimously passed an order filed by Councilor Wu to create a Special Committee on Civil Rights. The committee will not only be a discussion forum for hearing orders assigned to it, but will also serve as a space for organizers from around the city to get together and discuss the measures that need to be taken to ensure that the civil rights of Boston residents are not infringed upon. In lieu of recent events, we, as members of the Boston City Council, understand the importance of and continue to strive for our goal of equal treatment and opportunities for all within the city.

Boston Public Schools’ Student Assignment Process: Councilor Jackson refiled a hearing order to discuss the Boston Public Schools’ student assignment process. We have to take steps to rework the assignment process to ensure that all schools have equitable access to resources and that the needs of students and families are put first during the process. I have signed on in support of this order.